How do you win more high value business? We help clients with high value work through hands-on support and business development training and coaching for individuals and teams

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  • Following up from a networking event
  • Gaining a potential client’s commitment
  • Warming up an old contact
  • Phoning to arrange a meeting
  • Using coaching skills with your client
  • Leveraging client relationships
  • What’s your target client thinking?
  • Practical Challenges of Managing Clients
  • Key Client Management ‘Best Practice’
  • Conducting a post project review with client



Professionals tell us they could fill their diaries almost twice over with business events and networking opportunities. Networking has been a faithful tool of the professional services business development kit bag for many years. Done well, it can be a great asset to a professional’s client portfolio growth. Many, however, tell us they are not confident networkers. They look at impressive colleagues or contacts and wonder how they too could replicate that success. They want to build a valuable business network that will provide a steady flow of great business opportunities.

This module gives you the toolkit you need to become a confident networker and, perhaps more importantly, how to best use that valuable skill to build your own network and stimulate new instructions.

This Module: